moving day

Today, I helped Brian move. Gloria and I slept in until around 0730. I relaxed a little and played some Mario vs DK. Gloria made me an egg and toast, which was a nice start. Around 0900, she gave me a lift to Brian’s, and soon I was movin’ stuff. I was surprised at how much stuff there was to move. Brian had promised that all the little stuff would be moved, and this was almost entirely true. Mostly, we moved beds, shelving units, tables, and desks. There were just a lot! In fact, every time I thought we were done, it was revealed that more stuff was somewhere else. After the house’s two floors were empty, someone told us that there was stuff over the garage. When that was done, there was stuff in the basement. Once the last big load was loaded into the truck, Cindy (Brian’s wife) showed up with some pizza and beer, and I ate too much. Once that load was unlaoded at Brian’s new place, I came home. I was just beat and filthy and needed to be done.

My hands feel like claws. Moving my fingers hurts, and doing things like making a fist feel really weird. The palms of my hands feel like my feet or something. They’re thick and dead-feeling. I’m hoping that this won’t last long.

We had some tasty pasta for dinner and then watched Legally Blonde 2, which was pretty awful. I played a good bit more Mario vs DK, taking breaks now and then when my temper rose. Around nine we headed to Golden Gate and got some pie, but we were both disappointed. I got peanut butter pie, but wanted pumpkin. Gloria got key lime, but thinks she would’ve preferred banana cake. Next week, I think I’m going to take some protein bars with me to Cardiff so I can keep my weight going down. This morning was the lowest weight I’ve logged since joining the gym (183.2 lb.), but I’m pretty sure that it’ll be quite a bit higher tonight, sadly. If it’s below 186 pounds tomorrow morning, I guess I’ll be OK with that. Last Saturday morning was 187.

I’m beat. I’m going to bed.

Written on May 28, 2004