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I was really annoyed to find that my Bryar patch, for passing config objects instead of Bryar objects around, was nowhere to be found. I recoded the changes, then immediately found the patch. That’s life.

I also managed to remove a few of my custom subclasses, namely Bryar::Cloning and Bryar::Collector::RJBS, both of which were going to be used by my crapped muxer, but which won’t be needed now. I think I’ll be set to get muxing working this weekend.

I went through my $gamesite entries and converted them to my new file format so they can use my new, super-simple DataSource. Really, it’s a lot like the old one, but uses the ancient and simple “header and body” format, so I’m not worrying about filename and modification time if I can help it. They’ll be the first thing to get multiplexed, and getting that done will give me a good incentive to get post-posting processing working to post $gamesite entries to $gamesite and keyword:code articles to use.perl.

I might do some more mucking about with how Vim handles journal entries, but I don’t want to get obsessive over that stuff. However, having typed that, I wonder if there’s a WikiFormat syntax rule set. It should be easyish…

Written on May 21, 2004
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