keeping busy

I got in around 1300 or so, after two hours of fitful sleep on the train. My room isn’t in the usual hallway. I’m two stories up, just over the hotel’s flagpole. I can open the window and watch the Welsh dragon blow in the breeze, if, for some reason, I feel the need. The room is smaller than usual, but it’s big enough to hold my things and give me a place to sleep. So.

I let Gloria know that I’d made it alive, then watched some TV. It was reruns of Star Trek: TNG. They were OK episodes, but they were episodes I’ve seen a dozen times. I did some reading in the AppleScript book, played some Mario vs. DK, and around five I headed over to the pub for my traditional steak and ale pie. It was mediocre. I sat in the pub for a while reading and having a soda. I get the impression that I’d really enjoy having a proper pub in Bethlehem, but not the pub that’s here. It’s part of a chain, and it’s jut got a bit too much TGI Friday’s to it. Nametags, purple polo shirts… still, it’s pretty social and relaxed.

I’ve been watching Simpsons since I got back to the hotel. SkyOne is playing “the Essential Simpsons,” which is their guide to the best episodes. So far I’ve seen the pee-wee hockey episode and the pink Chanel dress episode. I think I saw part of one before those, too, but I don’t remember it. Next up is Bond villain episode, which is pretty much my favorite. I think I’ll watch that. Then it’ll be 2100 and I’ll feel OK about trying to get to sleep.

Still no word from Godfrey. I hope I can get in to work tomorrow. I tried to pick up the office’s 802.11 after dinner, but I got nothing. What concerns me is that even if some randome guy lets me into the building, I’ll have no way to get into any of the IT offices. I really don’t want to resort to sitting in a wierd office and stealing an unused computer’s connection. But maybe that’s what I’ll have to do. Of course, if no one else is in, maybe I’ll just take the day off. That will suck.

I guess I should have brought a modem cable.

Written on May 31, 2004