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Today was pseudo-productive, like the rest of the week. I got a lot of concepts fleshed out, but no code written. I’m hoping that Friday I can get those concepts approved so that when I’m back from my exile I can really get to work. At the moment, just about all of our new business systems, save finance, are my responsibility. I plan, soon, to become drunk with a very moderate amount of power!

At least I’m pretty sure that things will go over well in the UK. I’m excited to see if they get excited by our characterization automation. It’s exciting (and new)! My guess is that it may be so exciting that I won’t be allowed to release the code as GPL, as it will give our competitors an advantage. Too bad, but reasonable.

I had an audit meeting until 1600, and it ran long, so I rushed home to be ready for the gym. As it turned out, I could’ve cycled more leisurely; there was plenty of time, so I just relaxed and felt like I could fall asleep. I’m glad I didn’t, though, because I had a pretty good workout at the gym. Well, no, I had an average workout, but I enjoyed it. I tried the new free runner, and it’s really not any better than the old one. In fact, it’s worse. The magazine shelf is narrower and closer to parallel with the ground, so I can’t rest a full-size technical book on it. There’s only one water bottle holder, so my iPod has nowhere convenient to go, and my water isn’t where I expect it. They also raked the pedals slightly, which may be an improvement, but is disorienting. Next time I’ll try to get one of the older machines.

We stopped at Game Crazy on the way home, because I wanted to pick up Mario vs Donkey Kong. I like Mario and DK, the reviews were good, I wanted something new to take on my trip, and Penny Arcade had a pretty favorable entry on the game. So far, it’s been a lot of fun. I’m afraid that it will be too short or too hard, but time will tell. I still haven’t finished either of the GBA Metroids, due to difficulty.

On the way out of the store, I held the door open for Gloria and for some young woman who was going in. She stared at me like I was a total freak, and I started to wonder if I had totally offended her. Then, I realized that she was Becca, a girl with whom I went to high school. (She said, “Rik?” I’m not sure whether she said this first or I realized who she was first.) We spoke for about thirty seconds, during which she revealed that she was living in the area. I told her to drop me an email, but I don’t have high hopes. So far, of all the people I’ve run into in town, zero have gotten back to me. I wonder if Pez is still in Bethlehem! I should send another email into the abyss that is his Hotmail address.

Either way, I think I’ll survive. I do wonder, though, how many other classmates are still in town. I was commenting to Steve, just yesterday, that it seems like everyone with whom I went to school must have left, since I almost never see any of them. I’d try to gather more information, but I’m just not that interested. Sometimes I feel like I ought to be, but… not often.

Written on May 27, 2004