exile draws nigh

I fly out, Saturday, for my second exile of the year. I feel like it’s really crept up on me. Tomorrow I’ll be helping Brian move, but that shouldn’t take all day. After that, I’m hoping Gloria and I can chill out and do something fun and just be cool. Friday I’m working again, and then Saturday is mostly free until my flight. I’m flying out around 2100, so we don’t need to leave until the evening. If all goes well, I’ll sleep on the plane as much as possible and slip right into BST.

I’ll be in the UK until next Saturday, which means I’ll miss opening night of Harry Potter. That’s no fun. Gloria and I saw the first two movies with my parents, on opening night. We’re going to try to see it on Sunday the 6th, so that’s still opening weekend. I hope it’s good, since YAPC will include a group outing to see it, again. If nothing else, it’s free—I think. I think O’Reilly is picking up the bill.

I got the hotel booked for YAPC today, which was weird. The University Inn seems like one of those many businesses that really feels like it wants to be INTARWEB ENABLED, but hasn’t got the time, money, or interest to get it right. Yesterday, I filled out a ugly web-based reservation form, got a lousy result page, and no emailled confirmation. Finally I called, and they claimed that they hadn’t gotten to my reservation yet. Then I found that they had called me yesterday about my reservation! If you can’t do web reservations, be honest about it. It will save me time and help me remain happy.

Written on May 27, 2004