journal for 2004-04-26


Went to work today. Finished week’s work in first hour. Nobody cared. Felt urge to talk like Rorschach. Put on work face. Did work.

I’d love to just start talking like Rorschach all the time—or maybe just at work. I think it would take too much effort, though, and everyone at work already knows that I can speak in proper sentences. Maybe at my next job. If nothing else, it would be fun to be interviewed like that.

So, yeah, I got a lot of stuff done very early and quickly this morning. It had sort of coded itself in my mind over the weekend. I showed it to the guy who’ll need to use it, and I suppose I’ll see, this week, how it goes in production. I showed the interested engineer how to use CVS, and I felt myself explaining it very badly. I need to write more Brief Guides, and then use them as notes for explaining things to people. I think I’ll be teaching more Perl as time goes on, at work.

My day was really off-kilter. It still feels weird. Things started on an annoying track this morning when I realized that it was too cold to wear any of the new spring clothes I bought yesterday.

After work, Gloria came and gave me a lift home, as it was still raining. We chilled out and ate some tasty sloppy joes, and then I did some Ruby coding. I want to get some features added to my ancient checkbook balancer. It’s not ancient, I guess, but it’s gone about three years without any modification, which is pretty long as far as my code goes. I was surprised to find that it only took me a few minutes to make the code handle multiple ledgers consolidated into journal. Unfortunately, then it took me at least an hour (maybe two) to rewrite the ledger-parsing regex with the slash-x modifier. It finally turned out that Regexp::new(/foo/x) is different from just /foo/

Written on April 26, 2004