journal for 2004-04-25


We headed over to the parents’ this morning (after some tasty breakfast: eggs, grits, cheese, and sausage in a bowl) and checked on Heide and her Mac. Everything seemed OK. We only stuck around for a little while, dropping off our trash, before heading to the mall to buy me some clothes.

Clothing shopping stinks, but it’s a necessary evil and I tend to not have a horrible time of it, so it wasn’t so bad. I got some linen pants and a few shirts, linen and otherwise. I found a number of shirts that I liked, but I wasn’t sure they’d be OK without an undershirt, and I /really/ hated the feel of wearing an undershirt. Its clinging was very distracting, and made me feel fat. I sure didn’t want to feel like that for eight hours at a stretch! In the end, I’m happy with what I got. I didn’t get new shorts, but I need them. Next week, maybe.

After shopping, we were pretty hungry, so we headed over to City View and got some dinner. I had a london broil and Gloria had a filet mingon sandwich. Both were ho-hum, but it was really very nice. The place was pretty empty, and we were able to just sort of sit and relax quietly. It didn’t hurt that there was tasty pie to be had after dinner: chocolate cream for me, banana split pie for Gloria. I tried playing their MK3 Ultimate machine on the way out, but the joystick was slightly broken, and I couldn’t even pull off a five-hit combo.

We headed home by way of Borders, where I picked up The Dark Knight Strikes Again, and Marshall’s, where I sat in the car and read said comic book. It had its good points, but mostly it was too over-the-top. The Flash is blackmailed into turning a dynamo to power the country? Meh. Weird ideas aren’t good just because they’re weird, and that idea was basically just weird.

We watched some Iron Chef American, too. It was OK, but the show just doesn’t survive the trip across the Pacific. I hope there won’t be another lame attempt to make a series, here, but I expect there will be.

Written on April 25, 2004