journal for 2004-04-01


I’m working on my second Project Week at work, this week. So far, it’s going well. I re-arranged my list of features to implement at the last minute, which was a little scary, but I think it was the right idea. I was surprised, Tuesday morning, to have finished the DBI-based persister so quickly. This morning, when I finished finishing it, I was less surprised. I got the cheap-ass CGI interface modified to use the database to store data, instead of a .pl file. Tomorrow, I’m going to see about making a user-entry form, although it will have to be pretty primitive. Still, that’s something. Next week will probably also be an Epitaxy week, so I can finish this iteration.

I’m hoping that next week I’ll find that the UK developers have made some progress, too, so we can start integrating.

Also tomorrow, or at least this coming week, I need to go through the request queues and see if I can get a decision on what project gets work next. “Whee.”


I’ve been meaning to write Games::Board since almost immediately after taking Games::Goban from Simon. I half-wrote it a few weeks ago, and then got distracted, probably by something stupid. I decided I should really get it working and released earlier this week, so I did. That felt pretty good.

I’m not sure how not awful it is, but it’s not utter garbage, so that’s good. Next I need to get Games::Board::Grid working, and then I can update Games::Goban. If I’m feeling particularly saucy, I might reimplement chess or some other games in Games::Board.

Once that’s done, I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’ve got plenty on my plate.

the rest of my life

The week has been a little full. Last night I went to Trevor’s with Godfrey and Mike, and we played some games. First we played UT2004, which basically sucked. It’s yet another FPS that’s too fast, too sloppy, and too frantic to be any good. Its vehicleful mode was better, but paled in comparison to Halo. We played that for a while, and that after spending what seemed like ages just getting the computers set up. LAN parties suck on unprepared computers. Too bad I’m the only guy at work who feels that way. After UT2004, it was time for Rise of Nations, which was also fun. We played one nation with four players, which is basically what we did the last dozen times we played. Meh. Still, it was mostly fun.

Tonight we went way over to Trexlertown to use the gym there. The gym was nice, but not so nice that we’ll be making a habit of going there. On the way home we stopped at the A&W restaurant for burgers. They were good. I also enjoyed some french fries.

Gloria and I will be have been married for four years in a week. It’s been a darn good set of years, I think. I received one of her gifts to me early, this year: two thousand legos! I’ve been messing around and building little things, all ugly. I took some pictures and will put them up eventually. When I have a good iPhoto-gallery-maker, I’ll do that. I should get that onto my todo list.

There’s other stuff to say, but I’m tired. So, that’s it.

Written on April 1, 2004