journal for 2004-03-29


Godfrey, from the UK office, is in town for a while. After work today, he came by our apartment. We had him sample root beer, birch beer (clear and brown), and sarsaparilla. I think he was undecided between birch and sarsaparilla for a favorite, but I was just happy to show him that root beer was only a starting point. Sadly, I must admit that the root beer we got wasn’t fantastic.

We played a little Mario, then headed to Waffle House. Gloria and I had (awesome) waffles and he had a burger. Fortunately, we managed to convince Godfrey to have some hash browns, and he ended up quite liking them. We stopped by the Hedgehog on the way home, and it was good. I had some excellent “midnight snack” (oreos in chocolate) and he had coconut and blackberry. Gloria had one of her favorites: lemon lavender sorbet. It was tasty.

We came home and played some more games: I made Godfrey try some of the classics: Amplitude, Rez, Bushido Blade, and Ikaruga. I walked him back to the hotel and showed him a few places he could get coffee or breakfast, and then we grabbed a quick drink before I headed home.

Tomorrow I’ll try to write some more random stuff, including some thoughts about work and my happiness at releasing a first iteration of Games::Board. (Why am I writing this prelude, then? To remind myself, of course.)

Written on March 29, 2004