journal for 2004-03-26


Right, so I got a DVD burner from Lacie. I coastered my first DVD, which was not pleasant. I burned a CD’s to make sure the darn thing worked, and that went alright. Gloria gave me a lift to Staples where I picked up a few blanks. I burned some archives, but when I went to burn my homedir, it coastered. Or, at least it seemed to. Despite the error message and too-short burn time, it looks like I burned everything I needed to.

This kinda sucks. I don’t to “try again,” because it’s two bucks a pop when I burn a coaster. I need a clever way to at least test if I burned my backup correctly.

Also, I labelled it 2003-03-25 instead of 2004-03-25.

harvest moon

I picked up Harvest Moon. So far, I think my farmer is going to die of starvation.

Written on March 26, 2004