journal for 2004-02-26

perl mongers

Well, I’m preparing to go to bed, six girl scout cookies and two episodes of the Transformers after the first meeting of the ABE Perl Mongers.

I think it went well.

Six other guys showed up: Steve, Jim, Phil, Jeremiah, Faber, and Andy. We ordered some beer and fried vegetables, and we talked about pseudo-random geek topics: what we did for a living, how we used Perl, the job of the programmer in small business, and other things. We spent a good bit of time talking about ERP systems, as many of us had experience working with them. Those of us who knew LaTeX basically liked it a lot. We had a very brief emacs/vi discussion and another very brief Linux/Mac OS discussion. Andy talked about lambda calculus and Phil and I both said we should look into Class::DBI again.

It’s funny that I can’t recall a lot of the discussion, but I think that it was for the most part all good stuff.

A few of the guys had to jet around 19:30, so we rushed to make a list of prospective topics for future meetings, and we set a time for 19:00 on the second Monday of each month. We’re hoping Jim can swing us clearance for a nice lecture room at Lehigh U.

Tomorrow I’ll put the topics (and some other information) into the wiki. For now, I’m sleepy.

Written on February 26, 2004