journal for 2004-02-24

snow day!

The other day, at the Hedgehog, I saw that we’d had just twenty-three days of snow this winter, just as the Farmer’s Almanac said we would. I thought we were done! They were calling for snow today, and I poo-pooed it. This morning, though, as I got to work, there were flurries. It kept snowing all day, and by the time I headed home there was about a quarter inch. Of course, that quarter inch was only on surfaces that saw absolutely no traffic, so it wasn’t a big deal.

The snow was a little annoying, though, because I didn’t want to get my jacket wet. I shoved it into my Timbuk2; it wasn’t too cold, so this wasn’t a major problem. I’m ashamed to admit that the more major problem was that the snow hampered my ability to play Metroid while I walked. I played anyway. I just wiped it off now and then and pocketed it once or twice. Once home, I was able to defeat Kraid. Yeah, that’s how much of a badass I am.

After work, John R. came by and hung out for a while. I pointed at my Mac and said “buy one.” After an hour of that, I forced him to play some Steel Battalion. Making him play it made me want to play it again sometime. I should really try to get through the whole game before the sequel is out and/or popular.

When John left, Gloria and I ate some girl scout cookies and watched Castle of Cagliostro and Lost in Translation. (Lost in Translation is still playing, now. It’s quite good, so far.)

I also got a class action suit settlement! Ages ago I signed up for that suit against the music industry for price fixing CDs. I guess it got settled, and my share was $13.86. CD prices are still like $15 or $20 for new CDs, though, so what the heck?

That’s it for today. Back to the movie.

Written on February 24, 2004