journal for 2004-02-23

work (at home)

Today was a Monday, and I went to work last Monday, so I didn’t go today. I stayed home to try and get work done, but I kept getting emergencies handed to me. These ranged from “we can’t ship product until you fix this” to “you know, we’re putting these cover sheets on the TPS reports now.” I’m not happy with the work I /did/ get done today, which only amounted to about three hours, tops. I’m hoping that, come morning, I won’t want to toss it.

I need to start using Class::DBI. It’s just one of those stupid situations where I feel like I’m being pressured to fix holes rather than replace the lousy dike.

I didn’t like it would be wise to stop working to eat, but I did take a midday break to shave, which was a bit of a boost.

Gloria was really busy at work, so I didn’t talk to her much today, but I did help her get her iPod mini working through her PC’s speakers. I’m glad that worked out! I remember how slick it was to start using my iPod at work. iPods are swell.

after work

Gloria wanted to go to 16:30 step aerobics, so I was ready to go at 16:00 when she got home. She told me it was really nice outside, though, and suggested that I might like cycling. It /was/ really nice outside, so I went cycling, and I enjoyed it. I rode over to the mall, picked up Metroid: Zero Mission, and rode home. It was a good ride, and the weather was fine. I enjoy riding through rush hour, sometimes, and I got to pretend to be one of the cool kids, today, with my Timbuk2 bag strapped to me.

Gloria has been trying to rent the second half of the fifth season of Sex and the City, and it’s been a real ordeal. First Netflix sent the wrong disc, then Hollywood’s disk was damaged, then their VHS casette was broken. We managed to get it from 48 Hours, though, and it was good. Admittedly, I was not giving it my full attention—I was playing Metroid—but I did watch it, and it was good. (The show /and/ Metroid were good.)

We had bangers and mash for dinner again, and that was good, too. We had cracker barrel for breakfast yesterday, and there were girl scouts selling cookies in the vestibule, so we bought a few boxes. We had some of the cookies after dinner today, and they were good.

personal project progress

I had wanted to get some things done today, but I got nearly nothing done. For one thing, I wanted to hash out the obnoxious little problems with Bryar’s handling of categories in flat text-file data. Maybe tomorrow. Until then, my journal will remain sketchy. Still, it’s good enough for basic reading.

I had wanted to review my IF games and see how to make progress, but I just didn’t. I had wanted to work on my iTunes toys, but Mac::iTunes seems broken again, and I tapped the “Blame Someone Else” card, rather than do work.

I did see that got posted to Use Perl, and I’ve heard from some more interested mongers. I’m looking forward to meeting zero, but I’m also anxious. I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, people! I figure as long as I fake it, and as long as no one actually /reads/ this, I’m safe.

I need to start making a week plan. Hopefully I can make a simple pattern for it, like “my web projects Monday, game coding Tuesday, play video games and watch TV Wednesday, learn something new Thursday, enjoy the company of my wife Friday and Saturday, random topic Sunday.” My fortune cookie remains in my wallet. I must heed it. The pants command me!

Written on February 23, 2004