journal for 2004-02-22

perl mongers

Well, the first meeting of is about as scheduled as it’s going to get. I’m not sure how many people are going to show up, but I’m hoping that I’m not alone. If there are at least two other people, I think it’ll be decent.

I got redirected to the right place, and learned that I had, in fact, asked for that in the first place. It just wasn’t done because the server wasn’t ready yet. The site is fairly boring so far, but it’s a wiki, so I’m hoping it’ll get better without too much effort, as meetings occur.

video games

I’ve been really unhappy with my video games, lately. MGS2 sucks and Metal Arms is shallow. I’ve tried playing Metroid Fusion again, but I’m stuck in the same place. Still. We went to Game Crazy, and I was prepared to buy Metroid Zero or FF Crystal Chronicles, but they were both sold out. I picked up DOA3, which is adequate. Mostly I picked it up because it was cheap and it’s a good game to have around for emergencies.

Maybe I should take this slump as a sign that I should be finishing up some old games like Xenosaga and .hack. Of course, the new Steel Battalion comes out, soon. I got an email from someone who found me by googling. He saw that I had SBAT and referred me to a pretty good site for the game. I felt ashamed to admit that I haven’t gotten very far in the game, yet.


I continue to think that my PowerBook is just the best computer I’ve owned. I’ve been showing it off to friends, family, and co-workers, hoping to convert more people. I think my dad is close to being on board. My sister says her next machine will be an eMac, and will be soon.

I gave Gloria an iPod mini, and I think she likes it so far. She took great pains to go through our music library and collect her favorites. I’m looking forward to hearing how she enjoys it once she starts using it.

I’ve also been working on convincing another co-worker that the iPod is awesome.


We’re working on Season 3. So far it’s OK. It’s got a lot of good points, but I’m sad that it’s so removed from Earth. The rest of the galaxy, in the Transformers universe, is really kind of lame. Also, just about all the characters I liked died in the movie. I miss Jazz. I wouldn’t even mind seeing Tracks or Bumblebee!

It would be fun to rewrite this whole series. But I have other priorities.


We got dinner at Ichiban tonight. We had the “sushi for two” and it was great. I was really tempted to get the unaju, but we went for sushi and I decided to stick to the plan. I’m glad I did!

After dinner, we went to Golden Gate for dessert, as we like to do. We had cake and cocoa, and it was good.

Gloria made pumpkin waffles this morning, which were tasty, and after a bit of errand-running, we had ice cream. Barbara made me a coffee-and-cinnamon shake, which was darn good. I drank it down in no time.

dad’s computer

The errands we ran were mostly routine, except for my stop over at my parents’ place to check out my dad’s failing computer. His primary data drive seems to have totally crapped out, which sucks. I need to get him to back up more.

Well, that’s that. I’m writing really small sections, which I think is a sign that I can’t focus. I’m going to sleep, now.

Written on February 22, 2004