journal for 2004-02-18


I continue to play around with Bryar, but I haven’t finished much of interest. I wrote a few unexciting patches, mostly in furtherance of larger snippets. I wrote a YAML config class, but I’m somewhat torn on accessors. I guess I’ll figure that out as need demands. I’m trying to do my best not to design until I need to, and to refactor mercilessly. Today’s problems today. JFDI. YAGNI. Be the ball.

I am a buzzword ninja.

I was hoping to start work on a ghetto datasource multiplexer tonight, but I think I’ll wait until lathos finishes a bit of refactoring of his own. It’s kind of nice to have a semi-legitimate excuse to put off work.


Yeah, so, work is totally split between Woo! and Ugh! lately.

Woo! I have lots of little problems to solve, providing a lot of immediate benefit to the issues that have clear impact on our quality of product and our customer complaints. We have so much low-hanging fruit at IQE that it’s silly to not make pie.

Ugh! Why do we keep planning on souffle? I am not longer in control of my professional destiny, which is unpleasant. Worse, I am not in control of my ability to contribute, which is frustrating. Sometimes, I wish I had it in my to just coast. Really.

software surveys

Some time ago, someone on IRC said “OmniOutliner is too much for me! I need something lighter.” So, I said “Just use Vim!” He said, “That’s not enough.” So I said, “Look at The Vim Outliner.”

This, though I’d never used either beyond a brief putzing around. So, when someone else asked me about TVO when I said it was an alternative to OmniOutliner, I was totally unarmed to supply a comparison. So now I’m gathering info for one. OmniOutliner is way cool, especially because of its Keynote export and its plugins. I still think it may be too much for me, but.. wow!

I also really need to finish the one-third-finished Vim indenting tutorial.

Written on February 18, 2004