journal for 2004-02-15

new journal

If anyone is reading this, he’ll notice that it looks a lot different than it had. I’m moving to Bryar, because it seems like a reasonable thing to do. I’m sure I’ll write classes to make it more like what I want, and hopefully that will largely make it act like it used to, but better. That’ll take a while, I think.

I might even make it differ slightly based on category (assuming I write categories of content other than “journal”). I might put my gamesite articles in here and continue writing them. I have a lot of games that are owed coverage.

new stuff

Those games are, briefly, Metal Arms and Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. So far, meh. I got some less meh stuff, though, recently. I picked up Ultimate X-Men and Spider-Man volumes two, and they were okay. I also picked up volume one of the original G.I. Joe comics, and it’s been somewhat amusing. Gloria gave me some really cool things for Valentine’s, though. She gave me a MIDI keyboard, a book of Alex Ross’s art from the comics, some awesome mint and orange Kit Kats, and a few Thinkgeek shirts.

I need to get a little “teach yourself keyboarding” book so I can start producing bad music and not bad noise.

I don’t really want to do much writing tonight, so that’s it. I’m going to bed.

Written on February 15, 2004