journal for 2004-02-08

chilled out weekend

I have a really painful spot in my mouth where, I think, I chewed on my cheek in my sleep. It hurts to talk, drink, and sometimes it just hurts. I’ve been pouring benzocaine on it, but it’s not helping so much.

Gloria and I have watched a /lot/ of Transformers this weekend. We made it through the first half of the second season, and we’ll probably watch an episode or two of the second half today. After that we’ll rewatch the movie, and then Season 3 Part 1. The second half of season three isn’t out yet, so we’ll have to try to take our time, I guess.

Transformers is pretty lousy, but also totally awesome. I’m starting to think that the whole series could be remade, true to the story and characters, but good. If only I had mad digital animation skills!

Last night we took a break from the Transformers (between halves of Megatron’s Master Plan!) to go to Bad Andy’s place for his Winter Warmer Wine Tasting. Everyone there brought a bottle of his favorite wine, and we tasted. There were also devilled eggs, cheeses, and other little snacks. I had a few wines that were really nice. Black Tower will definitely get put in our fridge sometime soon.

I also got some new things to enjoy: the complete poems of Auden (awesome!), the Badger Book (Template Toolkit), London Calling, and Space Channel 5 Special Edition. I also misplaced my copy of Cakes and Ale, which is interrupting my reading. I’m listening to the Odyssey. The recording is lousy, but it’s good listening for the gym.


After ages of wanting to avoid the project, I’m finally working on Epitaxy::Structure for work. Lo and behold! It’s a lot of fun. I’ve been asking our engineers for interesting examples of structures and using them as tests for the system. I wonder if we’ll want to release this project (to partners, at least) for the sake of common interchange. Sadly, I don’t think that’ll happen.

My first set of encoding tests is passing, so tomorrow I start writing a set of templates. I picked up the TT2 book today, but I don’t think I’ll need to consult it much for the simple stuff. I think once I can show off a simple workflow of input to database to report, I’ll have some pretty good buy-in.

I’m a little worried about building a good interface for creating structures, but that can come later.

Written on February 8, 2004