journal for 2004-01-30


My TODO seems like a good idea, as long as I keep working through it. In talking to Andy Lester last night, I got the idea for Bryar::DataSource::iTunes, which will require a working Mac::iTunes, or something to fill that niche. This is, if nothing else, an opportunity to learn XML::Simple.

Sometimes I’ve lamented not having a reason or way to learn some bit of tech or some module. I find that it’s pretty easy to contrive reasons that don’t suck. Another idea that has been inspired by having the TODO is some kind of iCal To Do List export or data source so that I can list my to do’s publicly. I don’t think .Mac’s publishing thing would work for that, but I’m not sure. I don’t really want to use .Mac; it seems kind of lame.


Oh yeah. I filed our taxes last night between dinner and the gym. Unless my data entry skills are entirely wrong, we’re looking at nice refund, which will go into the Signes House Fund. Excellent!

Doing my taxes was a real pain. There were dozens of pages where I had to read a long list of weird questions, only to click “Skip These” at the end. They need a 1040EZ-2 for people with simple lives but a higher income. I just want to load in my W2, 1099-INT, 1098-E, and be done.

Also: I should’ve been able to automatically retrieve both our W2’s, but couldn’t. I’d be willing to let my bank(s) send my 109x information to the IRS (or to me) for me, too. I’m willing to waive some privacy things for that kind of convenience. It’s a hassle to have to keep track of paperwork forever. I also didn’t have last year’s return sitting out, so I had to do a “send a signed piece of paper” return.

Whatever. We’re getting a refund for the House Fund!

Written on January 30, 2004