journal for 2003-12-18


I got a call on Tuesday night around 20:00. The number on my caller ID was really long and started with 44, so I figured someone at the Cardiff office was calling with a problem. Instead, it was Matt Nodder, the former co-worker with whom I stayed on my last UK trip.

“You’ll never guess where I am!” he said, so I guessed Bethlehem, and I was right. He and some colleagues were on their way to the Brew Works, so I met them for drinks. I had a good time, but probably too many drinks (from a health standpoint). I’ve been skipping the gym lately, so alcohol is serious Empty Calories.

Matt was only here until the next morning. I told him to try to get scrapple for breakfast. I think he’ll be back in town briefly today or tomorrow, so maybe I’ll hear from him and make him visit Waffle House or something.


I am attempting to pay attention to fewer things that don’t relate directly to the things I want to accomplish. I unsubscribed from jabber-dev-l, mutt-l, and a few other mailing lists. I’m trying to focus my geek time into a few paths, making myself into a programming laser. I expect results both better than I’ve had before and worse than I’d like.

At work, I want to get some more work done on refactoring MASH and TVLand’s internals. I did a good bit of planning for it, and now it’s time to write tests and code. I am slightly terrified, but I think things can be done well. At home, I want to get Board written, and if it means I go ahead not using Games::Object for the first release, so be it! I can fix that later. I’d like to get my journal software doing more, but I need to figure out what I want so that I can write it.

Written on December 18, 2003