journal for 2003-12-10

rosemary’s baby

So, I forgot to mention: I read Rosemary’s Baby. It was pretty lame.

I had seen the movie, and the movie was about as closely adapted from the book as I’ve ever seen done. Obviously, this didn’t make the book very interesting. I didn’t get to find out all the interesting things that were quietly left out of the movie; nothing was.

I did learn, in the last few pages, that there’s a sequel. On one hand, it looks wretched. On the other, I may read it anyway. A full-grown antichrist strikes me as more interesting than a premie antichrist. Also, it might be just as short!


I didn’t just eat the protein bar today, but I did only have a salad for lunch. Well, and a cup of soup. I don’t feel too bad about that. Our lunch Zendo games have gotten a bit too long, and there are a few reasons. I need to formulate (or find) rules that are simple but fun. I think it’s becoming clear that some of the (simple in theory) rules I’ve used have been hard for not entirely clear reasons. Also, I think we need a time limit on turns. Occasionally it gets stupid. Also, sometimes annoying.

I’m hoping we’ll have more pyramids, soon.


I thought I’d stay home and work on Games::Board tonight. Instead, I played Sphinx. I remain unimpressed. More on that if $gamesite turns out to be not dead.

Written on December 10, 2003