journal for 2003-12-09


<rjbs> so I thought I might have a bug in G::N::M

<mdxi> i'm really glad you're working on this

<mdxi> because it makes everything i've ever proposed really seem rational and useful

I wanted to get a few things done, namely: release something on CPAN, play around with implementing some classes (including inheritance), and relax. So, to this end I decided to write Games::Nintendo::Mario. I decided to do this a few weeks ago, and I finally finished the first (and second) releases this week. It implements simple simulation of Mario (and Luigi) in the first few SMB games. It’s silly. I like it.

I’ve gotten a surprising amount of feedback from total strangers saying, “Hey, that’s cool. What game gets implemented next?” Another big question is, “What about stars? They could make the damage method do nothing for a while.”

So, this has been fun and relaxing.


I also released some updates to Simon Cozens’ Games::Goban module, rewriting the hoshi-finding bits. I’m pretty sure no one cares.

More importantly, to me, is Games::Board. I have a sketch of the API, but it isn’t coded. It’ll provide a superclass for board games. I’ll use it to refactor Games::Goban, and I may write a few simple subclasses like Games::Monopoly or something. It’d be neat if someone used it for a chess module.

I have other plans for it, too.


Work has actually been OK. I’ve gotten some stuff done, and I’m hoping that I can really push forward on some things. I need to get some serious quality assurance done. I need to get things testable and tested. Ironing out bugs is good, but not if I can’t be sure that I’m really fixing things.

I’ve been playing Zendo at lunch with the guys, and it has been Good. Zendo is such a fine game! Next up, Ice Towers or Martian Chess, I think. Games are good.

I need to go out to lunch less, though. I’m not doing well at only eating my power bars. My weight is being odd and not changing in the ways I’d expect. I need to try to eat only my protein bars tomorrow and Thursday. Andy wants to get Italian on Friday, and I am inclined to go with that idea.

For dinner last night we had awesome fish. Tonight, awesome grits. I like food. Yup.


I picked up Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy at the strong suggestion of Steve R. He said, and I’m not kidding, “It’s better than Wind Waker.” So far, I am unconvinced. It’s OK, but it has a number of glaring faults. I can recall one, at worst, in WW. Still, I promised I’d give it a few hours.

I also got my Zelda Collector’s Set in the mail. It’s Zelda, Zelda II, Ocarina, and Majora’s Mask. Sweet. I look forward to replaying Majora’s Mask. I think.

I ordered more icehouse pieces. They have not yet shipped and I’m having a hard time communicating with the vendor. It’s frustrating. I’d like to get more pieces and play more. It’s frustrating to wait!

Well, I know there’s more to say, but nothing is coming to me. I will go to bed.

Written on December 9, 2003