journal for 2003-12-03


I got stuff done at work today, which was good. I’m trying to get code written to let the UK developers use the system that I’ve been using for bug and request tracking. To be honest, the stuff I’m writing will help me to better use the system, too, since it will give me a nice simple interface to stuff I had been doing with SQL munging and crappy CLI utilities. I’m going to try to keep this momentum up, but I’m sure that when I start trying to do SQL replication, things will grind down.

I had lunch with Brian, who has some time between leaving his last job and starting his new one. (Actually, Brian had lunch and I mostly watched.) I showed him how to play Zendo, and we talked about the next D&D game, which I hope will occur soon.

I want to write more $gamesite content about Mario Party, which is driving me nuts, but I’m worried that $gamesite might be dying. Erk.

Written on December 3, 2003