journal for 2003-12-01

nuked food

ejp: do not, under any conditions, try to make scrambled eggs in the microwave. ejp: be warned, it will seem like a good idea at the is not. rjbs: haha rjbs: you can get special containers that make that possible rjbs: but it will still suck

  • rjbs is HAPPY to own zero microwave ovens. ejp: it’s good for some things.not cooking though rjbs: Yeah, but those things are marginal cases for me. ejp: just trying to cut down the amount of dishes I create. rjbs: I heat things in the oven. rjbs: I have a kettle for water. rjbs: I like JiffyPop.

The truth!

back to the grind

I went to work today. It was fine.

I didn’t get as much done as I would’ve liked to, and I was pretty annoyed that no one else could make the (important to me) development meeting. Still, I’m cool and relaxed. Vacation helped. Tomorrow I hope to accomplish more.

At lunch, I showed Steve how to play Zendo, and he enjoyed it, which made me happy. I need more people who are willing to play fun games. Seriously! I also discussed with him the idea of making a cool custom box for my icehouse pieces. I think our final ideas weren’t half bad, and I look forward to seeing a prototype! It would be nice to have something in which to take pieces to the UK. Failing that, to OSCON ‘04!

So, I didn’t manage to make arrangements, yet, for my next trip to the UK. I need to look into that tomorrow. Maybe I can get a flight out of ABE. That’d be OK. If it ends up costing less than the commute and parking at EWR, it’d be worth it. I think my real goals (in order) are: get home at a reasonable time on the 16th, fly business class, fly from ABE. I really hate flying coach for transatlantic flights. I feel all compressed and uncomfortable.


My iPod continues to rule. I have it set up to sync recently-added unrated music, so today I remembered that I hadn’t listened to Quadrophenia enough and I just brought up the album and played it. It’s good. I especially like “Dirty Jobs” and “The Punk and the Godfather.”

iTunes, too, is Just Fine. It continues to make it possible for me to notice that I have really good music that I can’t remember ever hearing before. I guess maybe XMMS could have done this somehow, but it seems unlikely. I remain happy with knave, and I’m hoping to convince a few more people to pick up Apples this winter. If only there was a referral bonus!

Written on December 1, 2003