journal for 2003-10-26


Seriously, this movie was so incredibly bad. I had mercifully forgotten.

I saw it on opening night, and my expectations were very low. It was so much worse than I expected. It was utterly abominable.

Over the last few years, I think I blocked out the memory of that night, but tonight I watched the first and last ten minutes. It was abysmal. The last ten (well, maybe twenty) minutes are just a complete and utter insult to the first few movies. The birthing queen? The pot-bellied humanoid alien? The skull!? The organs floating through space?

I am disgusted. Worse, I know that the director is not worthless, as he made The City of Lost Children, which ruled.


I feel a bit guilty! We went out shopping this weekend, hoping to find some new clothes for Gloria, and didn’t really find anything for her. I, on the other hand, picked up nine new t-shirts and a hat. The shirts are pretty nice, for plain t-shirts. I was happy to find t-shirts without giant logos on them. I was even happier that they fit nicely and cost very little.

The hat, though, really made me happy. When I was in high school, I got a nice fedora and wore it all the time. I like hats. I’ve had a few others since that hat, all of which were eventually lost. So, today I was looking at some hats at Macy’s; they had some leather bucket hats and some ear-flappy hats. I liked those, but they looked funny on me. What looked familiar and inviting, though, was a black felt Stetson-style hat. I bought it. I like it.

In other shopping-related news, we went to Target and looked at some clothes and car stuff. When we left, we got back to our car and realized that it was in much crappier shape than we realizd, especially the supposedly just-replaced windshield wipers. Then we found our keys didn’t fit. Then someone said, “Hey! That’s my car!”

How many white ‘97 Prizms are there in the valley, I wonder? At least two.


I finally met my littlest nephew, Jacob. Kip and Ta were in town, so they brought the little one. We spent a few hours there, and got breakfast at Billy’s this morning. Kip installed new fans for my parents, which is good. I installed Panther for Kip, which is also good. It pains me to see people still running OS 10.1

Jacob is cute, and also a serious drool machine. He was very unhappy to see me, initially, but I think that was because he was quite tired. Later, he was happier and giggled and drooled on himself more.

Written on October 26, 2003