journal for 2003-09-08


We’re done watching Friday the 13th movies!

We finally found part 9 (Jason Goes to Hell) yesterday. The sixth place we went had it in stock, but not in. The seventh had it in, so we ended up renting it from Whitehall’s Blockbuster. It wasn’t worth it, of course, but at least we’ve seen it, now!

I think Jason X was probably the second best (by which I mean “most fun”) of the series, right after VI. It was goofy, knew what it was, and didn’t just do the same thing as every previous movie—except that it did. It was just another slasher movie, but the radically weird setting made it easier to watch without feeling too much repetition.

There was some stupidness, of course. The “Uber Jason” we see at the end of the film was just dumb. (And yes, that’s what the movie calls him in the credits.) The ship’s android is a little too silly, especially in her Carrie-Anne Moss get-up.

Still, a few things made up for it: the Apple display on a computer in 2455 was amusing; the existence of the “Crystal Lake Research Facility” was great; the final scene was perfect.

While we were at 48 Hours, I also picked up New Nightmare. By this time tomorrow, we’ll be done with both series, and we will be ready to watch a lot of movies that Gloria wants to see.

the car

It’s official(er): we’re getting the car from Florida. I got tickets for a flight today, despite the fact that we found absolutely no really good departure times. It’s not a big deal, but it would’ve been nice to be able to be in constant motion from the bus to the Pensacola airport. Instead, we’ll have a few hours to cool our heels here and there.

I don’t really mind; I think I only got concerned about it because it was so easy to try to look at a million possile combinations of airport, flight, and bus departure. I think we’ll do just fine, even if we are leaving too early to get Hack’s for breakfast. I should find out how much it would cost to get driven out to the airport. It might be nice, relaxing, and worth it—if it’s not $300 or something.


Implementation of our new finance system moves slowly but (I think) surely. I am eager to see it completed, because I am incredibly depressed by working on it. I’ve been in fair spirits the last few days at work, but for the most part it just fills me with despair to know that I’m going to spend a day or more working on a system that is so completely uninteresting.

We had our first “global development” meeting in a long time, and it was pretty sad. I don’t think there’s much interest in software development at work, just in results. This means that there isn’t much in the way of results. I think people get 10% of what they could have and are excited, mostly because they don’t understand what they could get if they were interested.

That said, I certainly don’t think the company exists to do what IT wants, which is probably the bad IT attitude that counterbalances the bad user attitude above.

apple stuff

Ooh! New iPods, today. I’m trying to generate an iTunes catalog for my mp3s over SMB at home, but it’s being odd. I let it run for five hours and it still wasn’t done. I’ve changed some power settings and I’m trying again. I’m really hoping that, come morning, it will be much better. I don’t want to have to change my fundamental method of storing and accessing my music.

Why can’t MacOS speak some common Linux-known filesystem? It’s incredibly frustrating for things like this. Maybe I just need a cheap piece of NAS. Ha!

Written on September 8, 2003