journal for 2003-06-23


Work went by too quickly today, as I actually found a lot of stuff to get done late in the day. I’m also going to need to start making noise about people asking for changes and then not giving information about them.

This seems to be a common problem for developers. Users (customers) say, “It really needs to manage widgets, and that’s an urgent need.” The developer says, “Ok, I’ll get cracking! Please tell me, though, what must a widget manager do?” There’s no reply until, months later, the customer says, “I can’t believe you still haven’t given me a widget manager!”

So far, nothing that silly has happened, but I think it’s time to take a bit of action to prevent it for the future.

the g5

So, yeah. Apple’s new PowerMac G5 is out. It’s freaking awesome.

I don’t really want one, though. I’d love it if it was … different. I really want a nice rack server without a lot of the hoo-hah going into the G5. Maybe if they come out with Xserve2—but I bet that will cost way too much. So, I think I’ll just admire it from afar—or maybe from anear, if I go down to King of Prussia some time to see the 12” PBs, as I often consider doing.

xbox live

MechAssault makes me think I’d like to play some games online… but then I remember how many idiots play online games and generally ruin them for everyone. When phun and bda were here, we talked about that. Today at work, someone asked if I had an XBX, and I mentioned liking MechAssault. He asked, “Do you play it on Live?” and I said, “Well, I haven’t. I’m always worried it’ll be full of idiots. That bugs me.” He shrugged and said, “Well, then you won’t like MechAssault Live.”


Blinx is kind of disappointing, so far. It’s not very platformy, especially because I have no idea wtf is really going on. Also, I’m vaguely annoyed in general by the ONLY ON XBOX stamp on the main splash screen. I mean… please!

Written on June 23, 2003