journal for 2003-06-15

it’s late


It’s ten thirty at night. I can’t believe it’s so late!

the weekend

John C and Bryan were up this weekend, and we had a swell time. Once again, they were killer late on Friday (expected at 21:00, arrived around midnight) and we stayed up shooting the shit until around 04:00. On Saturday we slept in and hit Tulum for lunch, then loafed around playing video games for most of the day, then went to Apollo for dinner. John unexpectedly treated, which was pretty freaking awesome, especially considering that we got wine and cocktails. (Even so, it was less than I expected. Still!)

Last night we were up late (although hardly as late) watching Dawn of the Dead. I was amused to hear that while both John and Bryan like zombie movies, neither had seen it. (Also, mildly scandalized.) We all enjoyed it, and that was good. We also watched some of Stella; it’s post-State comedy by some members of The State. I really didn’t like it. Even when it was a little funny it would quickly turn around and do something stupid. It wasn’t even good enough at being stupid to offend me. It was just bad. I’ve heard that there’s some good stuff in between the bad stuff, but I didn’t feel like waiting to find it.

So, today I’m tired. I took a nap around four. I haven’t been to the gym since Thursday. My weight is up and my internal clock is all weird.

I don’t mind, though, as it was a good weekend. Getting cocktails and a good meal and a nice bottle of wine with friends is good stuff. Really, that’s some of the stuff I like best.

I picked up the tab at a nice lunch with a bunch of people a few months ago. We got good food and sat around and had a good time. One of the people made some half-joke about me maybe not realizing how much it cost. I said, “Well, I think spending money on enjoying a good meal with friends is about the best use of it.” The response was a semi-incredulous, “Really?” Really.

And, hey, John treated. That’s the good life!

I spent some of the money that I “saved” on dinner on games. John made me feel bad for giving up on Resident Evil so early in the game, and I was tired enough to believe that that was really the case. I picked up GCN Resident Evil and tried to play it again. I’ve actually got the controls down enough that I can use them without thinking about them much. This has actually served to make me like the game less! Now that I don’t notice the control problems as much (although I still dislike the controls) I notice more fundamental game suckage.

In an attempt to find a better horror game, I went back out later and picked up Silent Hill 2 for XBX. I’ll play it tomorrow. The reviews looked quite good.

I picked it up while making a trip to my parents’ place to water their flowers. It was a nice little ride, my token exercise for the weekend. I really enjoyed it. The weather has been very hot and humid for about three days, but it was breezy and cool out this evening. It was nice weather to just cruise through the streets. The streets were pretty empty, too. It was a good end to the weekend.

I’m not very tired, I think. I’ve entered the state where my body is trying not to make assumptions about when it will sleep. Still, I need to get back on track, so I’m going to go have some juice and then try to fall asleep.

Written on June 15, 2003