journal for 2003-06-13

up late

John and Bryan should be here by now. John said, “We should be there by nine, really.” Then he got out of Philly around ten. So, it’s half past eleven, now, and I’m all alone in the apartment (counting only awake people).

I’m sleepy.


The network at work has been totally messed up lately. The other guys replaced some equipment, and it didn’t go perfectly, which made today Lots Of Fun. To be fair, I just sat around and tried to do my normal stuff while the fun happened. Every once in a while, I asked, “So, like, do we know why everything is offline?” Great fun, that.


Only one game left to unlock in Wario Ware, and it’s just not showing up. I saw a post on IGN that someone else is struggling to get the same game. I wonder if it only shows up on the third level of Wario. Ugh! That’ll be hard to get to.


I’ve been thinking about a major overhaul to debug, to make it the key content management whatever of my stuff. I dunno, though. Sounds like work.

Written on June 13, 2003