journal for 2003-06-03


I think I consumed more calories, today, than I burned.

It’s hard to be sure, because my stomach does not have a gauge on it. I’ll try to file a request for enhancement on the next one I get.

the no gym night

We took the day off from the gym, which was nice. It’s (again!) very rainy and dreary, and it was good to chill out. I cleaned up some of my office desk mulch. Even as it is now, still messy, it looks a lot better. I’ll try to clean it a bit more before turning in.

We usually take a day off each week, which seems to be what everyone suggests. It’s definitely a good thing.

We played a little Monkey Tennis, as it will almost certainly be played when John and Bryan are here next week. It was good, but it’s hard, even with the computer players set to Crappy. I considered playing some solo Monkey Ball to try and unlock the last two games, but I couldn’t find the will.

I also considered playing some Chessmaster, as I’ve sadly neglected it since its purchase, but I didn’t feel like it.

My platinum GBA came back from YourHappyPlace. When I first opened it, I was mildly panicked, as it looked like I’d received a blue (?!) GBA. It turned out, once I dug it out, that it was my GBA wrapped in blue cellophane. It looks quite nice, and I used it to complete world five of Yoshi’s Island. I’m almost done!


I got some coding done on the sales forecast software at work, today, but nothing terribly exciting. I need to start the pre-game planning for the giant project I’ve got coming up, and I’m not eager to do so without knowing whether there’s going to be a second coder.

It’s a big project, and manpower will affect everything.

I went into the cleanroom, today, with a simple mission: attach a leased machine to the domain, and install the Active Directory client. The machine was running WinNT 4.

Well, the AD client wouldn’t install without MSIE4 or better, and the machine had MSIE2. MSIE2 could only use WinNT’s “Internet Control Panel”’s proxy setting, which could only be set to port 80. Our proxy at work is not on port 80.

There were numerous other insane dependency problems, like not having Microsoft Installer but needing to install MSI packages. Those were easier to fix, but were pretty tedious.

Finally, I copied the Mozilla installer from my workstation’s desktop to this WinNT machine. I used that to install MSIE6, and from there on everything made sense. See, when you don’t integrate a crappy browser into a crappy OS, you don’t end up with interdependent crap.


I learned some more Vim fu today, and it is cool. I wrote a (tiny) filetype plugin to handle some Inform-specific settings I wanted to use. In the process I learned a bit more about plugins. They seem quite useful. I should write more of them, for general practice.

Figuring out how to go about making that plugin had me spending some time on the Vim channel on freenode IRC. This was good because (a) I got good answers and (b) I got to provide help to newer users. It’s Good to be able to say, “Oh, sure you can do that.”

I actually got a random email from someone, today, thanking me for contributing the Manxome Foes colorscheme to I really like my colorscheme, and it’s nice to see some other people do, too.

Written on June 3, 2003