journal for 2003-05-27

play qua play

I picked up Super Mario Advance 2 and Super Mario Advance 3 this weekend. They’re basically Super Mario World and Yoshi’s Island for the GBA. So far, I much prefer Yoshi’s Island. I’d played SMW before, of course, but it’s somehow strangely annoying. I always wish that it was SMB3, I think. It’s neat to have Yoshi, but I’ve got a whole lot of him on another cartridge. I want my tanooki suit.

I looked at some other games I want, but I think $60 was more than enough to spend on nonsense this pay cycle. I think these should actually last me for a good while. Then, more Wario and Kirby.

playing for work

I did some beta-testing for an IF game on the public beta test site. The author got really upset for hard-to-discern reasons and complained to the newsgroups. On the newsgroups, he was told that he was wrong. This made him angrier. Pretty soon, there were over a hundred messages on the topic. I think it was all pretty insane. In the end, I don’t know why the guy didn’t talk to me about his concerns so that we could work things out. I guess it’s better to get flak early on than after committing hours and hours.

Otherwise, beta-testing goes well. I’ve seen some interesting games, and I feel like I’m being relatively useful, which is pleasant. It will be nice to see the games get judged and think, “Hey! I worked on that.”

working on play

I haven’t done much work lately on my games. I need to get cracking. I think I can get Coronation Day implemented for SwashComp, but not if I just keep staring at it. Of course, that means I need to decide how to handle the introduction. Once I’m on the surface, I feel relatively secure.

As far as the Young Girl’s Primer, I’m clueless.

working at work

I’m back at work today, and my motivation is gone again. I need to try to work at home more regularly, so I can keep getting things done. When will we hire another developer, so we can work in tandem? This place is depressing.

Written on May 27, 2003