journal for 2003-05-01


So, I see Gloria’s writing an entry, and I guess I should, too. I must try and keep this thing updated. Otherwise… oh, there’d be trouble. Yeah.

I’m trying to stay motivated for my current projects: MASH R3, various pieces of IF, and, um, other stuff or something. So far, meh. I’m getting some work done on the IF, but no real progress. I’ve gotten the first quarter of a few things done, and now I’m just refining that little piece. I don’t see much forward progress happening any time soon.

My “minigameminicomp” entry is problematic (or at least daunting) for a strange, specific reason: once I found a good way to strip away all the overhead size of the library, I realized that I have a huge amount of space to work with. I know I don’t need to fill it, but I feel like I’ve got an intro so big that it demands a big middle. Ack.

I’ve got Gloria playing Theatre, a well-liked game, and this pleases me. Someday, she’ll outstrip me and go beat Suspended in fifteen moves or something. Yarg!

I need to acquire some calipers for measuring body fat, I think. I’m sick of the totally ridiculous, fluctuationg measurements I get from our scale. Of course, they might be right, but I’m not very confident.

Written on May 1, 2003