journal for 2003-03-02

today in a nutshell

We got up and had breakfast and did the laundry. It was routine.

We went to Trevor’s to help him move. The move was really disorganized. Not everything was packed. Things that were packed were not packed into same-size boxes. The people at the receiving end were not very efficient. It was really frustrating. We made two trips, taking about two hours total, and then headed home.

We had some lunch and watched the first disc of Six Feet Under. It was pretty interesting, and made me think back on my short-lived intention to go into funeral service. I still think it would’ve been a good career, in a lot of ways. It’s just expensive to get the education, and the job doesn’t pay very well, as I understand it. I was kind of pleased to see the show address the corporatization of the funeral service business, which I’ve read quite a bit about, and which is deperessing.

After watching the disc, we went to the gym and exercised for about an hour (I did a bit less). I saw Perrett, who said hello, and I read a few chapters in my current book, The Zap Gun. I tried the steam room again, and it was more pleasant this time. I might give the sauna a try, next time.

From the gym, we went to Nawab and had some tasty Indian food for dinner. I ordered the mixed grill, which was good but very dry.

We came home and I had some fat-free pudding and played a little more Ratchet and Clank. Now I’m writing this, then I’ll go to bed.

Written on March 2, 2003