journal for 2003-03-01


I made progress on some pieces of the Sales project at work and realized that it would be really great to have time to do stuff like write framework docs and administrative docs. Of course, that would imply that people would RTFM. More importantly, I’d like to get the framework itself more extensively planned and built, so I can spend less time developing applications’ basic I/O.

Normally, I’m scheduled to leave work at 1600, and normally I leave between 1645 and 1730. Despite this, I generally resent being asked to stay past 1600. To be more accurate, I should specify that I only resent it when the request comes at 1548 on day I’m asked to stay. It’s worse when the request is essentially a demand.

I ended up sticking around there past five, but I put the time to good use. I’ve found that cvswebnt is really crappy, internally. What is it with all these killer useful Perl scripts sucking? First iGal, now cvsweb. I’m not sure, yet, whether I’m going to find that cvswebnt can be easily made to run both on Win32 and Linux. That’d be sweet. I’m calling my branch WCVS, for now, since it runs on my server “radioland.”

I spent a good bit of time making it look like the rest of my projects and cleaning up ridiculous code. Among the most trivial but annoying things about the source was the indenting. There were plenty of blocks where the level of indent didn’t increase after the brace. Example:

foreach $foo (@bar) { if ($foo) {
} }

When these blocks are dozens of lines long, it gets ridiculous. Fortunately, Vim’s brace-matching made it nice and easy to fix this problem. Oh, also, it was indented with spaces. Inconsistantly. WTF!?

I’ve got a conference call with the UK about development next week, and I’m going to show WCVS off to the new manager of UK IT. Of course, even if he agrees that CVS should be used, the only development over there is in Access. Yuck.

dinner at buca

Katie and Jerome gave us a call yesterday and asked if we felt like grabbing some dinner at Buca di Beppo; we did, and we all went over and ate very large portions of food. Afterwards, we swung back to our place and played some Monkey Ball. I should give Mario Party 4 a rental and see if it’s any more fun than the last one I tried. It might be good for general hanging-out play.

Today I rented Ratchet and Clank, which is good so far, and Rygar, which I haven’t yet tried. More on them at gamesite, later.


We took a day off from the gym yesterday, but went back today. I did better than I thought I would: half an hour on the recumbent and half an hour of slow treadmilling. Afterward, I had a little sit in the steam room. It wasn’t altogether unpleasant, but it was hard to breathe. I’ll give it another try when I’m more prepared.

I think I’ll prefer the sauna, though. I remember sitting in a sauna many years ago. I like it a lot; it wasn’t anywhere near as oppressive as the steam room. Maybe I’ll get more into that stuff after I’m better at the whole exercising thing. Before I learn how the steam room and sauna differ teleologically, I want to learn how to use the eliptical machine and the rowing machine.

I took my weight this morning, and it was lower than it’s been in some time, as was my body fat. I’m not really taking it too seriously, as I know those measurements fluctuate. I need to start tracking them, though. I saw one script on freshmeat to track weight, but I forget why I didn’t like it. There was something goofy about it. Maybe I’ll just use vi.

Written on March 1, 2003