journal for 2003-02-26


I keep getting calls from Important People at work, which is really a mixed blessing. It’s nice to know that Important People consider me worth talking to and (I think) helpful, but it also means that it’s possible for Important People to know and care if I screw up. I try to avoid that possibility by not screwing up whenever possible. So far, so good.

Also, it means that the work I do is getting used. Unfortunately, it also means that I get a lot of requests that are not 100% specified and are due within hours. So far, they’ve been implementable; it was one of those that led me to write my Scary Query yesterday. I’m hoping that, once I deal with the current queue of issues, I can reduce the frequency of these requests. Still, I think the opportunity to show off what we’re doing with in-house development makes up for the work and worry. I like to think, rather grandiosely, that I’m doing my part to show Business that in-house development based on free software is Really Good.

My Apache server is now serving all the same content as my IIS, and so far I have found no appreciable speed difference. Tomorrow, I’ll turn on mod_perl and see what happens. I expect a noticeable speed increase, but as my code isn’t tested for mod_perl, it might be weird. Still, it’s all package variables, so I don’t expect too much collision across interpreters.

Speaking of Apache, I noticed today that there’s a mod_mbox. I might forgo building my Maildir-browsing CGI and just convert my spam mailboxes to mboxes for public browsing. What use is it to provide my spam archives to the public? Who knows, but it sounds like fun.

the gym

Tonight was my third night at the gym in a row, and I haven’t collapsed yet. This morning, I was actually 0.6 pounds heavier than yesterday morning, but I’m not really worried about that. I figure it’s all muscle. By April, I expect to be pretty ripped. Tubby and ripped.

I did a little less than I did last night, mostly because I wasn’t fully recharged (I think). I picked up a really crappy radio at Rite Aid, and I listened to the NBC news while I worked. The NBC news really stinks. I wanted to listen to CNN, but I couldn’t tune it in. The gym broadcasts the TV audio on FM, and for some reason CNN is at 87.9, way down at the bottom end of the FM spectrum. My crappy radio could tune it in, but never well enough to listen to. I stuck with NBC. Tomorrow, I might try ESPN.

Written on February 26, 2003