journal for 2003-02-25


Today, I made several gains, I think.

At the gym, I did just over two miles on the treadmill, walking at a brisk 3.9 miles per hour. The treadmill computer told me that I burned 325 calories, which would not be an entire Hostess Apple Pie. Fortunately, I did not eat any of those, today. I did some hills on the lifecycle, too, but that wasn’t such a big deal. The treadmilling was about four times what I did yesterday.

At home, I fixed the slow-draining sink. The drain was quite clogged and Drano didn’t totally solve the problem. I got a pipe wrench on the way home, removed the elbow, and cleaned the heck out of the pipe. It took forever, since the plug can’t be entirely removed, and I ended up having to sacrifice our Camelbak pipe cleaner. Still, it drains so fast now that it gets the little water funnel and makes a sucking noise! Maybe in the future I’ll try to acquire a snake (or at least a plunger) but I think that the real key is having a drain plug that can be removed from the drain. I mean… come on, what the heck?

At work, I implemented a really hairy query. It’s about sixteen lines of SQL with five or six nested queries, but it works! I didn’t get all of the things done I asked asked to today, but given the fact that I was told to implement several major software changes in the span of four hours, I don’t feel too awful about that.

I also got official sanction to pilot an Apache server. I feel relatively confident that it will, at the least, not be totally hated. Apache is just so good. Oh, the thought of getting things running under AxKit and mod_perl! N-tier applications! It’s like I’m dreaming of being a real programmer.


I had lunch with Katie and Jerome today, and that was good. We got some not-bad Indian at Nawab. Nawab is good because it’s near work, but their food isn’t very consistent in quality. Still, it never drops below, “okay,” so I don’t have too much to complain about.

Katie and Jerome live about a mile from us, but this is the first time I’ve seen them since their wedding. I keep telling them (when I manage to communicate with them, which isn’t as often as it could be) that they should come visit some time. There’s the Game of Life here and everything. (You could be a winner!)


Smallville tonight was The Bomb, officially. The whole episode was pretty good, except for one or two little weird things. The final scene, of course, was the best part. I can only help that they play with it a little more in the future. Still, Clark has plenty to deal with for now. If only they can avoid the annoying super-powered-evil-teen thing a bit longer and continue to do interesting things.

That’s about all I can think to say at the moment. I’m pretty tired and I’ve left my glasses in the bedroom, so I can barely read what I’m writing.

Written on February 25, 2003