journal for 2003-02-24

the gym

Gloria and I hit the gym today, and it wasn’t so bad.

I did twenty minutes on the lifecycle, then ten on a treadmill, then I failed to use the elliptical machine at all, then five minutes on the stairmaster. Maybe I did some other stuff, because I’m pretty sure I spent about forty-five minutes exercising. I wasn’t totally beat by the end, but I felt pretty useless. I need to find something cardio that works my upper body, I think. Maybe rowing.

I’m hoping to get up to doing a half hour of cycling at “level five” before too long. That’ll be 250 calories right there. I think I did less than that all night, tonight. I have no idea whether that’s any good. I need to find out more about WTF I’m supposed to be shooting for. For now, I’m just glad to have gotten out and done it. I felt pretty good, afterwards.


I’m kind of at an impasse with jGal. I want to add better captions and directory-recursing, but I having trouble deciding on a format for the former that will not impede the latter. So far, I dunno. I think I might end up doing something relatively radical, but I don’t know what that might be.


I rebuilt my workstation today, so I have a workstation and a server, each its own machine. So far, it’s working pretty well, considering it’s Win2K. Of course, Offline Files was on by default, and at some point it decided to go offline and make my life impossible for the next half hour. Ugh.

Still, it’s faster than it was, presumably because it hasn’t had time to build up lots and lots of cruft. I’ll give it a few weeks.

I got some coding done, which is good. I hope to get more done, tomorrow. I hope I can start making some real progress on fixing our production software. Then again, it’s going to be awfully hard using IIS and doing it alone. I’m going to make another pitch to get us using Apache. Apache and AxKit is just… so much more powerful. My mind reels as I imagine the possibilities! Tiers and schemas! XML and XSLT! Multiple output types! Portable integration!

I tried installing VS.NET a few weeks ago to look at its SOAP and XML foo. The shittiness of the design alone was appaling. I just don’t understand it! Does anyone really like the VS IDE?

Written on February 24, 2003