journal for 2003-02-23

cracker barrel

I am so full. I don’t feel like I ate much more, today, than usual. In fact, I really don’t think I ate any more than I do on a normal day. I’m just incredibly full.

We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, and I tried the country fried steak. It was pretty good. Our waitress was wicked busy and apparently working on her fourteenth hour. This made the experience pretty amusing, but everything went well.

We ate there yesterday, too. We had breakfast. I got “fried apple cakes;” that’s fried apples and whipped cream on top of pancakes. They were super tasty.

Of course, both times I had some sides, too.


Well, I may have consumed thousands of calories at the Cracker Barrel this weekend, but I think I took a good step toward returning to a relatively healthy state. Gloria and I finally went down to the Lehigh Valley Racquet and Fitness Club. It’s the local group of nice gyms. They have all kinds of classes and facilities (racquetball, obviously, and also swimming and track) but my plan is to start out doing just cardio and maybe some weight lifting.

I’m pretty full of steak and biscuit at the moment, and I imagine that I might tip the scale very close to 240 pounds, at the moment, which just disgusts me. I thought I was overweight five years ago, when I weighed 170; now I’m hoping to get back to that. Eventually, I still want to be fit. For now, I’m forced to aim for mere non-obesity.

c.s. lewis

Work on my so-called theodical int-fiction game has prompted me to consider theodicy itself more than I have in a while. It’s good to think about subjects that interest me, and I hope to keep doing it. Repeating the conclusions that I came to years ago just isn’t as interesting or stimulating.

In a course on the “Philosophy of Religion,” I had to read and present part of Lewis’ Problem of Pain. I really thought it was interesting, and since it seemed pretty darn relevant to this work, I bought it this weekend, along with Mere Christianity, which is proving quite good, so far. I ordered the rest of the “signature collection,” and I’m going to try to read a much of it as I can before getting distracted. Honestly, I’ll be happy if I can get through the two I have on hand.


We saw Daredevil yesterday, and it was pretty mediocre. Some of the comic book action stuff was cool, but I think it’s become the case that filmmakers know how to do comic book heroes in a generic way. They have the same kind of giant jumps, the same fights, and the same general look about them. Having accomplished that, they need to actually make their movies interesting in other ways for them to be worth seeing. Daredevil really didn’t do that. It had a few good moments, a few awful moments, and a lot of ho-hum moments. There were a few bizarre scenes in which heroes fought alone, “preparing” and showing off for the camera. It was very… filler-ish.

I’m hoping that X-Men 2 will do a better job. I don’t have much hope for the Hulk movie. I wish someone would take one of the great pieces of comic book work and make a good movie. Something like Dark Knight Returns or Watchmen. Of course, Watchmen might take more than two hours.

Written on February 23, 2003