journal for 2003-01-06

new game boy

Well, YourHappyPlace turned out to be as good as Portablemonopoly.NET was crappy. My new GBA shipped Friday (as promised) and arrived today. It looks really great. The colors are bright and the light is just about perfect. If there’s any dust, I can’t see it.

I’ve tried most of my games in it, and they all look fantastic.

I’m finally able to play Metroid Fusion. I’ve played through the first area or two, and I’ll try Link to the Past tomorrow, maybe. I won’t go into detail here, though. I’ll save that for Gamesite, which should be up really soon, from what mdxi says. That should be fun.


I don’t know why I have no energy at work recently. I really want to get this silly little resource tracking project done, but I just feel like I don’t know where to start. That’s ridiculous, because there’s nothing to it. Maybe I feel like it’s too small to bother with, but it isn’t. It’s worth doing, and I just can’t focus. Tomorrow morning I’ll try cleaning my office and drawing some diagrams or something.

There’s still lots of murmuring about layoffs. It’s frustrating, because the brass’ silence about these things makes every cutback seem like a bolt from heaven, when I think they must be well-planned. I think the board is going to be around next week. That can’t be good news. I view our CEO as a harbinger of doom, which is sad, since he seems like a nice guy.

I just want to get stuff done.

I should update my resume, just in case.


I haven’t touched jGal or Debug much today, which is good. I think jGal might be ready for an initial (likely to be short-lived) release. I’m not sure if I want to make much noise about it. I might wait until it’s a little slicker, and just make R1 for people I know and people they knoew, etc.

Eric and Keith are both playing with Debug, and John C might, too. That’s encouraging, but I wish I had it in a more presentable state when the interest arose. When they started using configuration options I hadn’t used, they discovered a dozen bugs and weirdnesses. Still, it’s good, because it helps me get Debug ready for an eventual R1, too. I should really get its coff support more up-to-snuff.

Written on January 6, 2003