journal for 2002-12-06

day off

I had last Friday off, because it was The Day After Thanksgiving, but I’m thinking of today as the first of my many Fridays Off at year-end—mostly because the plant was open today, I just wasn’t there. I’m taking the rest of this year’s Fridays off, because I have a lot of personal days left, and if I don’t use them, they’re gone.

We did some chores this morning: took out recyclables, bought groceries. Gloria took the car to Saturn (where they could find nothing wrong with it, despite its recent weirdness) and I stayed home and worked on Kotter. I got most of the things from my list done, and I should be able to finish the rest before Monday afternoon. I’d like to get them done this weekend and then spend Monday morning polishing it and making sure it will work at the demo.

In furtherance of Getting Work Done, I installed TortoiseCVS and WinMerge on the w2k boot of my laptop. TortoiseCVS is really a pretty perfect tool. I don’t care for the Windows interface much at all, but this program really fits in the right way. It makes my job a lot easier; it’s not as awesome as Vim, but it’s pretty great. I should learn some C so I can help out with development. Maybe I’ll learn wxWindows instead.

I played some Mario Sunshine, too—I’d stopped playing when I got to the beginning of the final battle and died a lot. This time, I died a lot. But! Then I won. It was good, despite the horrendous framerate problems in the actual Bowser battle. I mean, it was terrible. I’m surprised Nintendo let the game get released with that kind of problem. At least it didn’t crash.

I played a little Metroid, too, and have gotten to the final battle, where I died. I didn’t try more than once. I was content with getting there once, and then moved on to something else. The something else might’ve been AX. I went to town just briefly today, and I think I’m going to get spanked on the stalk market. I bought 400 turnips at 113 bells this week, and the price hasn’t gotten higher than 118. Tomorrow, no matter what, I have to sell. I hope it’s at lest near 100. Sigh.

irc / pr0n

On IRC, solios said he was working on making pr0n with Photoshop, but that it was too scary to show us. Bryan, who’d seen it, said it was messed up. We insisted that we were hardened internet veterans—and, fortunately, it turned out that it really wasn’t stomach-churning at all. It was very strange, but meh. Comic book characters, some of them very strangely mutated, doin’ it. It led to the coining of the term “superwangbaby,” if that’s any indication.


I think I’m safe, though: Bryan and John C should be up next weekend for some beer and video game playing and shop talk, and solios is neither of those two.

I made some porn of my own, and it was better received. I offer it here for your amusement.

[[o s:rhpr0n.jpg c:”pr0n featuring a redhead” a:”pr0n featuring a redhead”


Gloria and I ordered the last of our Christmas presents today, and Amazon lived up to its recent standard of suck. It kept changing its predicted ship date, and eventually was telling us that the fifteen things with “ships in 24 hours” on them would ship on the 20th. I got it back to a more reasonable date, mostly through the sacrifice of small fowl, and hit order. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Written on December 6, 2002