journal for 2002-11-25


I don’t think I’m sick, anymore, but hoo boy was I feeling sick yesterday.

Saturday evening, just before dinner, I started feeling a little queasy. I couldn’t eat much soup, and I couldn’t even bring myself to eat many cookies. That’s how sick I was!

Every two hours, I woke up and went to the bathroom; this became increasingly unpleasant every time, and it didn’t let up until about 1600 yesterday. I finally had eaten a little something, Gloria gave me drugs, and I like to think that my system must’ve been pretty well purged.

I went to sleep feeling so-so, and today I feel much better.

Unfortunately, being sick screwed up any chance we had of going to see a movie, which was a bummer. We could’ve seen Santa Clause 2 or 8 Mile or some other movie with a numeral in the name. I thought about watching Jason X on PPV to compensate, but decided against it.


Metroid continues to be awesome. Unfortunately, it’s crashed a few times. That is just unacceptable from a console game, especially when it means that I have to go back and fight a boss again. I sent NOA an email, but their response was, “You should phone us about this.” Maybe I will!

Still, it’s hard to stay angry, because the game is just that good. I picked up the ice beam this morning, and I’m going to try to go around opening white doors tonight.

Playing M’ has made me really want to play some classic Metroid, or at least Metriod Fusion. I wish my GBA would come home!


Right, so, Thanksgiving is on its way. Gloria has purchased a copious supply of groceries, and I’ve printed out some of our recipes, and I’m looking forward to doing all the weird stuff Food TV told us to. We’re going to soak our turkey in brine overnight. How cool is that?

I really hope my stomach is totally normal again by Thusday. What could be worse than being unable to eat Thanksgiving dinner? Well, maybe not being able to eat Thanksgiving leftovers would be worse. Boy, I love me some leftover turkey.

Written on November 25, 2002