journal for 2002-11-20

coke is it

I’ve just been browsing soft drink sites. I mentioned Mt. Dew to one of the UK staff, and this led me to look for a link to send her. (Her initial question was, “Mountain dew? Does that mean water?”) So, I tried to find the old caffeine FAQ, and was reminded of Surge (aka Slurm). Some of my friends and I had a dark secret in college: we drank, and liked, slurm, even though it was relatively disgusting.

I started looking at Coke’s site, to see what happened to slurm, but there was no info. (I even looked under Surge!) They did, though, have a few pages about “So, you want to do business with coke?” I was really, really tempted to send them a message saying

	Dear Sirs:
Your product looks quite appealing, and I'd like to enter into a business relationship with you.I would like to purchase one (1) can of your "Coca-Cola" product.Please let me know your pricing and terms of


but I didn’t.


Work started off sane, yesterday, and ended up lasting forever. The usual happened: several people who had delayed a project began to demand to know why the project wasn’t done, and when it would be. Meanwhile, some of the new systems needed configuration tweaks, reports needed tuning, and we had yet another ERP test session that went all to pot.

I was at work until 1700, but after getting home and having some dinner, I was working until about 2300. Mostly, it was data entry, which stinks. The receptionist did a lot of that for me, which was a real life-saver, but I ended up doing a good bit. The worst was the file that needed to be split up into pieces, munged, and reassembled before insertion into the database. I could’ve automated it, but the automation would’ve taken as long as the work and had no future use. I guess it would’ve been worth the practise, but meh. It would’ve been harder to do while trying to watch Smallville.

Anyway, it all seemed to work, so I’m hoping things go well now that people can work with that data.


Well, I finally got Metroid Prime, about six months after placing my order – of course, I placed my order about six months before the release date, so this makes sense. I picked up Metroid Prime (M’) and Metroid Fusion (MF) yesterday, and I played through the first world of M’ during dinner. (That sounds much ruder than it felt. Maybe I should say my plans out loud before I follow through on them.)

It is awesome.

It’s really Metroid, which is what everyone’s been saying. It’s just nice to confirm that they were right. You know how I know it’s Metroid? I offed the boss, and then the base started to blow up. I escaped with about four seconds left on the clock. That’s Metroid!

I’m going to refrain from going into too much detail. mdxi and I have been talking about putting together game discussions into a thing, and I’m going to save it for that.

Now I have a meeting, anyway!

Written on November 20, 2002