journal for 2002-10-28

looking for a home

Our apartmental problems haven’t gotten any better. The roof is still leaky and sagging and now it’s getting mold on it. I’ve spoken with the landlord (well, his wife) and told them that his needs to be dealt with ASAP. Tomorrow, I send a certified letter.

This is stupid.

We went looking for a new apartment, today. I called a half dozen places and made some appointments to look. The only place we’ve seen so far is over on the west side, and it was really nice. It was bigger and nicer than our current place, but also further from work and more expensive. We can probably afford the security and down payment, but it would be a hassle.

What would be better would be for our landlords to just fix our current place. It’s fine, we’re settled, and apart from a few stupid problems, it’s been fine. I don’t want to move, set up cable, set up phone, set up DSL, and all that crap again. I just want our home to be nice. All we need is a fixed roof and a painted ceiling! I wish our landlords cared. Or, at least, I wish they made very clear what’s preventing their caring from resulting in action.



I need a lackey, seriously. I have too much small-but-time-consuming stuff to do. This week, I need to finish work on a few smaller projects, but I really want to get into working on the larger meta-projects. I just don’t have time to write standards documents, which makes it hard to enforce standards. I’d like to have more of them written before some of the UK database-making people come by.

My work PC (running Win2K, of course) has gone back into its awful habit of just stopping every now and then. Actually, it slows to a crawl. I don’t know what it’s doing, because CPU and memory usage are low-to-zero, and if I connect from a terminal client it’s fine. I hate Windows!


I’ve been thinking more about Nanowrimo, and I have no good idea for an overall plot or anything. I’m not sure how much I need one, with the idea I’ve got. Probably, I really need one a lot. I should shut up and work on one, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. I might realize too soon that my idea is impossible. Ugh.

Well, off to bed, where I’ll work on a project spec. Yay.

Written on October 28, 2002