journal for 2002-10-26

my first saturday out of exile

We celebrated my first Saturday back from exile by doing the exact same stuff we do any Saturday. That was Just Fine.

We got some bagels. We went to the Hedgehog, where I related to Barbara that the Brits don’t have pumpkin pie. (Damn Brits!) I had some pumpkin pie ice cream to ease the pain, followed by a hot dog. (I hadn’t had much on my bagel.)

We headed home, passing by the Hack’s awesome smellingness, and I played a little Star Fox. I really just want to finish that game and get it over with. I’ve discovered one or two more kinds of things to collect, and it’s just getting on my nerves. Also, it’s incredibly linear. There’s a hub world, but otherwise they could just number the levels: Welcome to World 3-4. Rare made good shooters, but their platformers are so so. Conker was good just because it was weird. I can see the same actual playability problems that were in Conker’s BFD,in SFA.

We went shopping, and I bought a lot of new clothes, which will hopefully keep me clad well into next year. I don’t like worrying about clothes, and I don’t like having clothes that can cause me to wonder, in the morning, if what I’m putting on makes sense. In the end, I went with some black pants, some gray pants, and a pile of colered denim shirts. In sorting my closet, afterward, I decided that I should make an effort to wear the other clothes I have, too. They’re nice, and they’re washable. If I didn’t bike or walk to work, I might actually wear them more often already. Still, even if I got my license, I don’t think I’d want to drive just one mile to get to work.

Tonight is The Boss’ Halloween party, so I’m off to become ready and go.

Written on October 26, 2002