journal for 2002-10-23

nothing much

I chilled out today, except at work. At work, I did annoying follow-up work on the ERP stuff that I’d hoped to have finished last week. Does anyone care that I was scheduled to spend three weeks on the project and am now being over-spent? I don’t know.

I also helped one of our non-developer developers with some Perl, which was fun. I’d like to try teaching some comp sci, someday.

I finished getting the new Linux-based dev server mostly up and running. I moved CVS and Apache onto it. My next task will be to figure out if I can create a simple, working install of CVS for other folks in the company. I don’t want them to have to learn to use ssh and the CLI, etc. That would probably be counter productive.

One of my UK coworkers sent me some specs for her projects, and this makes me happy. I may soon have most of our development processes under control, and this would be Good.

At home, Gloria and I watched my backlog of The West Wing, and it was as good as I’d hoped. What a schweet show.

mdxi has reminded me that nanowrimo starts soon, and I’m doomed to try again and probably fail. Jeez. I need to figure out how to write again. Maybe it worked when I was a teenager because I was willing to spew out lots of crap, and now I feel less willing to make crap. Unfortunately, I also feel mostly unable.

Tomorrow, I will start making notes to help me spew crap, come November.

Written on October 23, 2002