journal for 2002-10-21


Well, I didn’t update on the plane or in the airport. In the airport, I was too concerned that I’d use up my batteries for the flight. On the flight, I was too cramped to consider opening something as large as my computer case.

The flight home was much better than previous flights to or from Wales. I got a window seat, so I was able to actually put my bag under the seat behind me (the center seats have metal thingies there) and stretch my feet out a little. I was also able to lean against the wall and get a little sleep before takeoff. The onboard entertainment system was broken… again. I watched lots of their canned TV (Simpsons, 70’s Show, Sex in the City, Magnificant Seven) but I couldn’t play SNES, and the volume would cut out randomly and not return unless I adjusted it. Very odd.

The food wasn’t bad. Chicken tikka and rice and cheese and crackers and wine and some kind of chocolate moussey thing.

It took forever to get my luggage, but then I got the heck out of there and met Gloria! Obviously, this was Very Good. I was not shocked or disoriented by her recently-dyed hair or new spacepants. We managed to get home with only one minor diversion (it’s impossible to navigate around the Newark airport, which has been under construction since roughly 1912.)

day off

I’m taking today off to relax, snooze a little, and catch up on home things before going back to work. I’ve played a little AX and will play more—it’s mushroom season, but I’ve yet to find anyway. Nobody in town is really upset with me. They asked where I was for three weeks, but that’s it. I had to kill some roaches in my house, too, but… nothing too bad.

Xscreensaver on humpty is being weird. The molecules aren’t loading. I’m not sure what’s going on, and I’m not sure I even know how to strace it, but I’ll give it a try. I’d like to fix it without rebooting, just for the moral victory. I tell too many people at work how much I don’t like telling them to reboot to fix things.

Gloria and I are going to get some lunch later, and probably we’ll do my laundry. I have nearly nothing clean, as fallout from Matt’s Tiny Washer.

I was going to try to get some Work Things accomplished today, but I’m going to take a pass on that. I just want to relax.

Written on October 21, 2002