journal for 2002-10-16


I stayed late again to play some more Warlords. Somehow, my old hero got lost and I needed to make a new one, so I did. I set him to “bronzeman,” meaning that I’d get extra XP if he survived a battle, but would suffer a penalty if he died.

Godfrey and I played several games of increasing difficulty, until we finally found ourselves playing against two bots at “Lord” level. We won, after an intense and gruelling battle. My hero had died, though, within the first few minutes. Oh, the pain! I lost about two or three XP, but I would’ve gained two dozen or more. Ugh. I will not make level 10 before I leave, I think.

Getting home at 0100, I found that Matt, who went out for soccer and drinking (“don’t expect me home before dawn”) was already home and asleep.

Work was work. Nothing exciting happened. We talked about how to best revise our spec and move forward with the project that we were hoping would be mostly done this week. I think the prediction is still that we’ll hit our deadline. This makes me think that if we had been granted a good spec from the beginning, we could’ve had a nicely tuned solution before our deadline. At any rate, I’m eager to be able to work on my normal projects again.

I’ve started ripping Fawlty Towers from DVD to disk. We’ll probably encode it tomorrow.

Shawn still hasn’t finished the coff spec, so Debug remains on hold. I’m sure I could get more work done without the spec for coff, but it’s convenient to blame someone else.

I have done absolutely no reading in the German book I bought. I partially blame Tcl/Tk, because the German-English dictionary I found uses wish. I can’t get wish to work, because there are absolutely no instructions anywhere on how to get or install it.

That’s about all the randomness I can dump now.

Written on October 16, 2002