journal for 2002-10-13

rain rain rain rain rain rain

Who’d’ve thunk it? Rain in Wales.

Strangely, there hasn’t been that much rain since I arrived, but today helped make up for that. It rained, hard, from dawn to dusk and past. I didn’t leave the apartment at all. This was not a bad thing; I relaxed.

I got up a lot earlier than Matt and had some cereal. Gloria called, and we talked for a while. I did some coding work and listened to some music. Matt went out to run some errands and came back with a crossover cable. We hooked up his PC to knaveofhearts and swapped some music. I took all of his and he took a few hundred megs of mine. It’s too bad that he doesn’t have all of his CDs ripped, as there’s a lot of stuff I’d like to take home. I might try to bring some of it to work over this week to rip. At least I got the Beta Band, which is pretty cool stuff.

While things copied, Matt hooked up his laptop and (I think) worked on ERP foo. I did some work on Debug, which is actually making some progress, and did some work on my C. I really need to get back in gear and plow through K&R again. I finished up to exercise 1-15 or so, tonight. The next one was a little vague in definition, so I used that as an excuse to stop.

We had some late lunch and Matt went to work out, which he says he’s put off for a few months now. I should really try to get back into doing some amount of exercise, too. Once I get back, I’ll need to start cycling again, and maybe I’ll look into a gym membership. I could do with losing a hundred pounds or so. Ugh.

When Matt got home, we ordered some pizza, and it took nearly two hours to show up. They said the rain slowed them down, but I find that odd. What kind of pizza delivery place in Wales can’t handle a little rain? I mean, it’s rainy, but I’ve seen much worse in Boston, and our pizza wasn’t that late!

With the pizza mostly eaten, I’m beat. Time to sleep.

Written on October 13, 2002