journal for 2002-10-11



Today at work I passed, as predicted from being amused by our ERP system’s awfulness back into being angry about it. The “business system” aspect of it might be alright, but all of the tools for development are a complete joke. Its “programming” language is point-and-click, and the displayed textual description is only a rough estimate of the back-end bytecodes. It’s such a crappy system that when debugging apps, I would watch it step through an instruction reading “set x=y” and the contents of x wouldn’t change until later. I guess it Knows Better or something. When Matt was debugging something, it showed events occuring when the parser was indicating it was reading a comment line! Ugh.

So, I ended up accomplishing nothing, again.

Toward the end of the day, though, I had a nice long chat with The Boss’s Boss. We discussed plans for the future of development in the company, and I got the impression that I might very well be able to not work on ERP and actually just do software engineering and programming. On Monday, I hope to start some of that by getting a meeting with someone who’s written a few undesigned pieces of software.

after work

Matt and I went out for some beers with Matt’s friend Benno. We were over in a place Matt called “Studentville.” We had some pizza—much better than the delivery pizza Godfrey, The Boss, and I had had last week—and some beers, and then Benno and I caught a cab home. Matt wanted to go to another bar, or club, or something, so we left him on his own. It was 2230 or so, and Benno and I were beat.

I don’t know what the plan for tomorrow is, but I’m hoping it’s nice and relaxed. On Sunday, Matt wants to take his parakite (!) out and see if he can fly it, and if it will fly him. On Monday, I really need to call up my dad’s buddy again and visit. I meant to go over this week, but it didn’t happen. If I don’t get over there, I’ll probably never be forgiven. Fortunately, I actually do want to see the guy, so it’s all good.

Written on October 11, 2002