journal for 2002-10-10


No progress. This is pathetic. The company is pissing money away every day on my presence here, while things I need to do on other systems go undone. We struggle on. “We’ve lost too much money to cut our losses now!”

I had passed from anger to amusement, but I’m headed back toward anger. What a waste of my time this has all been!

my little eye

Matt and I headed out, again, to see My Little Eye, and I was redeemed: I wasn’t wrong about the time, yesterday, the website was! They were still wrong, so we had to all but run to the other cinema, downtown, to get there on time for the 2100 showing. The movie was worth it, I think. It wasn’t great, but it was a decent horror flick.

Five strangers sign up to live in a house. They can go out during the day, but if they leave after curfew, everyone loses. Loses what? A million dollars. So, it’s like Big Brother or whatever the current hot reality show is.

The movie starts off at the end of their stay. They’ve been there for nearly six months, and in a week they’ll be free. That’s when things start getting weird. There’s writing on the windows, bricks instead of food in the care packages, and other bad stuff. Pretty soon, they’re living in a full-fledged horror movie.

The ending was pretty grim, and I don’t really think the film will come to or do well in the States. It was OK with me, though.

What interested me more were the trailers. There were trailers for Donnie Darko, which looked good—apparently it already came and went in the States! Doh! Also, 28 Days Later looked like my kind of movie: man surving in post-apocalyptic nightmare world. There was another movie, Morvern Callar or something like that. It seemed to be about a young woman who did some killin’ and some high livin’. It might be OK, but it was no post-apocalyptic London, y’know?

Written on October 10, 2002