journal for 2002-10-09

no movie today

Work was amusing. The spec, which I was supposed to have before flying to London, has still not been delivered. The ERP system still crashes every ten minutes. No one is sure how it really works, inside, so making it do what we want is a crapshoot. For lunch, I had some chicken from Tesco’s, the local supermarket. It was good. I also picked up some Cheese and Onion Pringles. They’re not bad.

After work, Matt and I listened to some of his music, which was cool, and I made him listen to some Squarepusher. We headed to The Wharf (a pub) for dinner, and I had a tasty BLT. Getting drinks here is weird; even if you get, say, Coke, you get a single small portion, and if you want more, you have to pay more. It stinks! I’m generally getting a beer, since it seems like the most value. Matt asked, more than once, if “beer” in the US only ever meant “lager,” and I’ve been trying to make it clear that the US actually has a decent beer culture (no pun intended) these days.

We wanted to go see a movie (probably My Little Eye, a Brittish horror flick) but we decided against it when we realized that we’d misread the listing and that the movie started at nearly 2200. Some of us might go see one next Wednesday. (Wednesday is half-price night at the local cinema, it seems. “That’s three quid left over for bowling,” says Godfrey.)

I did some work on Debug, but nothing major. I tried to switch some control structures to use, but it’s way slow and it sucks at handling POD. I send some problem reports to the Damian, but no reply yet. I was a little surprised at the problems in it. The control structure itself is cool, though! I look forward to seeing it native in Perl6, which says something, as I don’t look forward to much in Perl6.

Gloria called, and we talked for a good while, which was tres nice. It took a while to get that call going! I had accidentally given her the wrong number, and then when she gave up on that and tried my cell, I didn’t hear it ring, and then I couldn’t figure out Matt’s landline… wuh! Eventually, though, we got it working. Huzzah!

Written on October 9, 2002